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    When any part of your pool or pool system becomes damaged, worn, or malfunctions, you can count on Loften Pool Service to make the appropriate repairs quickly and correctly. Our experienced pool repair technicians take great pride in getting the job done right the first time..


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    5.0 | 05-12-2012 Review by Debbie G. in Lantana, FL Project: Clean or Maintain a Swimming Pool Brian is concerned about maintaining my pool and keeping it up to snuff. He is very friendly and willing to assist in any way.


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    At Loften Pool Service, we always do our best to offer the most competitive prices on pool system replacement parts. Whether you need a complete system replacement or only a small component...



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often is your filter cartridge supposed to be cleaned?

Answer: As a general rule the filter cartridge is cleaned once a month and replaced about once a year. Unless there is a situation that requires more frequent cleaning. If the filter is clean and still has a reduction in waterflow it may be the filter cartridge that needs to be replaced.

Question: How do I know if I have a swimming pool leak?

Answer:  South Florida swimming pools will normally lose water each day. The amount can be as little as 1/8″ per day and more (About 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches a week). The amount of evaporation is dependent on factors such as: the amount of direct sun the swimming pool receives during the day, pool features that increase the amount of water exposed to the air such as water falls and fountains, the use of the swimming pool, splash out (each swimming pool user can reduce the total water by 1/2 gallon or more as they exit the swimming pool).

An easy way to determine if you could have a swimming pool leak is to place a bucket on the top step in your swimming pool. Fill the bucket with water so that the water level is the same as the swimming pool. Check 24 hours later to see if the levels in the bucket and the swimming pool are the same. If they are not, you should have a professional check your pool for leaks.

Question: How long should I run my pump motor each day?

Answer: The pump motor circulates the water in your pool, sending it through the filtration system, thereby removing dirt and other impurities. Industry standards suggest that the water be “turned over” a minimum of two times per day in order to keep your pool clean and bacteria free. In many cases as a result of bather load and environmental factors, pools should be turned over more than two times a day. Maintaining that clean and healthy pool necessitates running the pool pump motor for approximately eight hours per day in the summer months (April – October) and approximately six hours per day during the winter (November – March). Those running there pool heaters should run your pool pump motors eight or more hours per day while your heating system is activated, in order to maintain a consistent water temperature.

Question: How can I prevent ants from ending up in my pool?

Answer: There does not seem to be much information on WHY ants occasionally end up in pools, so perhaps the better question is: how do we prevent it? Spray pesticides can be effective in creating a barrier around a pool area. If you need a pest control company we can recommend one.

Question: I have stains on my pool surface, what’s going on?

Answer: This is a question we hear a lot. Stains on pool surfaces are an unfortunate and common occurrence. The causes and remedies vary greatly. Brownish spots may be fertilizer stains from any one of a variety of brands and types. Grey areas in an older surface may not be a stain at all, but the gunite (pool structure) showing through the surface, indicating, the need for resurfacing.

The treatment of stains depends on their origin. Organic stains are from leaves, algae, and other natural sources. They will usually respond to normal cleaning methods, often over a period of time. Inorganic stains, like the marks left behind by metal objects, are more difficult to remove and may require an acid wash. That remedy involves emptying the pool and is a more expensive process. Usually, your pool technician can identify the problem and solution. Occasionally, a repair specialist will have to examine the situation.

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