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    When any part of your pool or pool system becomes damaged, worn, or malfunctions, you can count on Loften Pool Service to make the appropriate repairs quickly and correctly. Our experienced pool repair technicians take great pride in getting the job done right the first time..


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    5.0 | 05-12-2012 Review by Debbie G. in Lantana, FL Project: Clean or Maintain a Swimming Pool Brian is concerned about maintaining my pool and keeping it up to snuff. He is very friendly and willing to assist in any way.


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    At Loften Pool Service, we always do our best to offer the most competitive prices on pool system replacement parts. Whether you need a complete system replacement or only a small component...



There is a large variety of Resurfacing finishes and color options available today. There is also a very large range in price.

The different types of pool surfacing options include:

Quartz finishes, “Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes” consists of small pieces of quartz and white cement. Available in many different colors, and producing a slightly speckled finish, this is the one that most pool owners choose. This is the least expensive of the different surfaces. The most well known of which is Diamond Brite®, due to its catchy name and the other is Florida Gem®. Both are good products and have similar colors.

Pebble finishes, are made with natural tumbled river rock, smoothed of sharp edges. The most commonly known one being Pebble Tec®,  and the other two are Pearl/Petite and River Rok. This type of finish gives a more natural feel, and blends well with rockscapes or heavily landscaped environments.

Jewel finishes, this is a new product from Florida gem it is a beautiful accent of colored glass beads to a selection of both river rock and quartz finishes. This is the most expensive type of surface.

Marcite & Ceramic Tile surfaces is a thing of the past and is rarely used anymore.

A new pool surface can dramatically improve the look of your pool but you might also consider new ceramic tile If your  tile looks old and dingy. This can affect the overall look of the pool. New pool tiles can bring an updated look to your pool. We can handle a small residential spa all the way to a large commercial pool.

Beware, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it; and many do it the wrong way. A lot of the cost is in the prep many companies skip this to save money. Doing it the wrong way is like throwing money away. The old surface needs to be undercut around all the tile, main drains, returns, and light fixtures. This helps blend in the thickness of the old surface and the new surface. The most important is the bond coating between the old surface and the new surface this prevents the new surface from peeling up or chipping up after a short amount of time.


Tile, we carry a wide variety of tile for the pool.

Coping around Pool, we have a wide variety of coping for the pool.

Decking Around Pool, we have a wide variety of concrete, stone and pool pavers. Whatever material you choose, remember that the surface must be durable and slip-resistant.

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